Saturday, June 22, 2013


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Friday, June 21, 2013


One thing of importance you must word the letter to where you sound intelligent and make sure your spelling is correct. If you sound like an uneducated consumer, they will assume you are. By doing so they will not look at your claim seriously, they will figure you are a low income person. Therefore you do not have that much money to spend with them. So they won't take you seriously.

I have included several sample letters in the book so you can get your point across. This book should not be used to get something for nothing, it is for good honest hardworking people who are tired of getting treated like second class citizens.


We all have been through it.

 You go to the drive thru on your way home from a long day and find out that your order is wrong or there are items missing.You call the burger joint back and they tell you to drive all the way back there, hand you the correct items and don't even say "We're very sorry about that, and here is a dessert for you". It's like they don't care.

Or you ordered a new purse or clothes online, and when they arrive they look nothing like what was in the picture. You call customer service and they proceed to tell you that you indeed ordered item #xxxxxx and that's what you received.

Or you switched phone/internet plans because the salesman told you how you could get a better plan for half the money. Then your internet stops working after two weeks and you find out you went over on your usage! The salesman never mentioned overage, he may have ask you if you play games or watch movies, and when you said no he sells you a great package. But the package is only good for small surfing and emails. Not watching youtube, (which really eats up data). So when you go to complain, they make you feel stupid for buying a cheapo plan. So you end up buying a bigger plan and spending more money than you were spending with the company they talked you into replacing.

I could go on for hours, we live in a world where it seems the customer is never right and we should take our lumps and get over it.

Most businesses want us as happy customers, it doesn't do much good to complain to the employees who treated us like idiots to start with. And most times it doesn't do any good to go to the store manager, if he were any good he wouldn't allow his employees to get away with the problems in the first place.

If you want satisfaction, your money back, product exchanged and to feel appreciated you need to know not only who but what to say to these businesses and corporations. My book "I Want My Money Back" will guide you through the steps you need to take to get what you paid for. It may not help you get a food order from a fast food joint right, but the company will make it up to you.

I finally had enough a couple of years ago, stress from work, bills and the constant screw up of others were ruining my health and my enjoyment of life. So I took a different approach. My daughter had taken her car to have the oil changed (by a nationwide company), she was going on a rode trip with her 7 month old daughter. They told her she needed new tires, transmission serviced (there were metal in the fluid) and a few other things. She came to me upset and worried about going on the trip, so I went out and checked the tires, two were getting close but the other two were like brand new. They wanted $600 dollars for new tires! So I wrote the home office and email. I received a reply that I would be contacted and someone would help me. I did get a call, but it was from the very store manager that tried to rip off my daughter. He flat lied to me and did everything to cover his rear.
I hung up with him, and send a very different email to the company. I was polite to the point and let them know what it was actually going to cost them in the end. I was then contacted by someone from corporate, he provided me with a list of their other stores in the area, and my daughter now has free oil changes for the life of her car.

It has happened time and again, life's glitches can be big stress but you can get your money back, products replace and services promised.

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